Our aim is to: 



  • Work for your benefit not the Inland Revenue


  • Provide a competitive fixed fee quote based on your requirements. 


  • Give practical advice to minimise your tax and maximise your profits.


  • Offer suggestions and ideas to help your business succeed.



Our firm is headed by myself, Jan Sorrell, a sole Practitioner with over 25 years of experience managing small to medium businesses. I initially trained in a small practice before moving to a large firm for 10 years . However, I realised my enjoyment was in the face to face contact with clients helping solve their problems and being able to give sound advice from having a clear understanding of their business.


I have been working in Norfolk for 12 years and my clients range from individuals needing a tax return to be prepared to owner managed limited companies requiring full accounts and on-going support and advice in their business.


I understand that all clients are different and the help needed will differ widely - for example - you may need  advice relating to new accounting systems, or  cashflows for financing a new project or understanding why the business is not going as planned and ideas are needed to help improve its profitability.


All these matters can only be dealt with when we have a full and detailed understanding of each client.


My long term experience will often mean that I have seen a similar issue before and can bring that knowledge to the present situation.



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